About Us

CASS Industries Ltd is an independent testing laboratory. We specialise in CE marking, compliance testing and type approval of products to British and European harmonised Standards. We carry out a wide range of CE compliance tests at extremely competitive rates. We offer a free initial consultation and can also provide help with mandatory technical documentation.

The company was originally formed in 1994 to service the increased demand for EMC testing following the introduction of the EMC Directive. Numerous other Directives have since been introduced and we continually expand our scope to embrace additional EC Directives as they are adopted.

In 1999, we moved to larger premises in order to accommodate our expanding test facilities and improve our range of services. We resolved to create our own product range that reflects our expertise in electromagnetic measurements. Our first compact test chamber was completed in November of that year. Subsequent performance enhancements have increased the frequency range and efficiency of the test chambers. We now offer two standard sizes of chamber and a number of specialised options.

The first prototype “vapour balance” for the commercial determination of the vapour pressure of solids was constructed in 2000. Continuing development of the product has extended the range and capability of the vapour balance to create a world leading instrument at the cutting edge of chemical metrology.

Our core business of compliance testing has continued to flourish and we now offer an extensive portfolio of tests covering a wide spectrum of industries. We have clients ranging from individuals to multi-national corporations and also provide technical assistance to the enforcement agencies.

Since our early days, we have received a number of awards for innovation and we continue to carry out crucial research in several scientific fields. In addition to our core business we relentlessly push the boundaries of technology with our innovative developments.