Career Opportunities at CASS Industries

We currently have a vacancy for an IT Support & Electronics Engineer

Please see a general list of our desired candidate qualities below, and use our contact page to get in touch!

We are always open to enquiries from people with any of the following skills:

General Skills:

  • Knowledge of EMC Testing & product design for EMC.
  • A working knowledge of electronics.
  • Experience in radio frequency metrology and spectral analysis.
  • Ability to follow test procedures thoroughly & diligently.
  • Experience in the use and interpretation of British Standards and quality assurance procedures.
  • Excellent writing & oral skills using the English Language. Reports issued by CASS Industries form the basis of mandatory legal documentation.
  • Excellent communications skills, especially the ability to interface with customers. This includes explaining procedures & tests to customers & discussing test results.

IT Knowledge:

  • General computer literacy is essential for all of our roles.
  • Understanding of Microsoft Office applications.
  • Understanding of Microsoft Windows.
  • Basic Linux commandline knowledge is preferred but not essential as training will be provided if required.

IT Responsibilities:

  • Support & maintain the company website.
  • Support & maintain the staff computers and deal with any internal IT support requests.
  • Assist with customer product setups where there is an IT element to the product being tested.
  • Procurement of required IT hardware and software where required.
  • Support & maintain the company internal IT infrastructure (servers, networks, switches, etc).
  • Monitor & test data backups on a regular basis.
  • Ensure all critical software is kept in an updated condition.