EMC Testing Request

Getting a device EMC tested with us is easy! To start with, please download our EMC customer sheet and fill in the product specifications & failure criteria. This documentation helps us form a test plan, and to create a quote to your requirements.

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Please give us as much information about your product as you can in your message. Things such as:

  • Communication Interfaces
  • Length of all cables in service
  • Power requirements (AC/DC, Mains/SELV)
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Any magnetically sensitive components (e.g. Hall effect sensors)
  • Equipment installation environment
  • Specific Directives or Standards applicable to your products
  • A detailed description of product function and internal operation
  • Product configuration diagrams if possible

In the event your product fails EMC testing, and you wish for us to assist in remedial action to get your product through testing, we will also require:

  • Schematic diagrams & engineering drawings

We can also arrange a personal meeting to examine the equipment to be tested & discuss specific requirements for more complex EUTs. Please let us know with your message if this is required.

Our Requirements

The product will be subjected to a range of different types of EMI and the behaviour of the product needs to be monitored in order to confirm that it is operating as intended. In order that we can assess the product performance, we need to have information about the fundamental purpose of the product and the functions that it performs. The actual product specification forms a critical part of the performance assessment and it is important to quantify any degradation that may occur under duress.
All equipment supplied for test must be in a running condition as it would be in normal service, with a way to monitor continued operation during testing. If software or an external PC is required to operate or test the equipment, this must be supplied by the customer. All equipment test modes must be automated, as manual operation during EMC testing is usually not feasable.
All communications & ancilliary cables must be at least 5 metres in length to allow us to set up the equipment correctly in the test cell.

The following paragraph is quoted from the generic EMC compliance standard EN 61000-6-1:2007 and gives an indication of the information required:

A functional description and a definition of performance criteria, during or as a consequence of the EMC testing, shall be provided by the manufacturer and noted in the test report. Please complete the Equipment Under Test Critical Information table below.

Once all the required information has been gathered together, please send us a message using the form below. Upload options are given for your completed EMC Customer Sheet, along with any other documentation for the product you wish to be tested. The Product Documentation upload allows zipped files for convenience.

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