No Deal Brexit – Effects on Self-Certification Testing

As a company, you will currently publish EC Declarations of Conformity on the basis of EMC testing carried out by CASS.

Some of our customers are concerned that in the event of a No Deal Brexit this may invalidate their current EC DoC’s. i.e. this effectively bars their products from the EU. Fortunately this isn’t the case:


  1.  Will the EMC testing done in the past by CASS, be accepted by the EU as still being valid after a no deal Brexit?

In short, yes. Please see following link:

The link states:  After 29 March 2019 you will still be able to sell goods which have been made and assessed against EU regulatory requirements and then CE marked on the UK market. This is intended to be for a time-limited period. We will consult with industry and provide notice before ending this time-limited period.

The key phrase here is the ‘time limited period’. There is no information as yet as to how long this time limit will be. However, ultimately some sort of regulatory compliance will be required after 29th March, whether it is a CE or a UKCA mark. The compliance standards are hardly likely to see significant changes no matter what the outcome of Brexit. So while the marking requirements may change, the standards that the items are tested to probably won’t.

  • Would we need to re-test our products at an EU approved test facility to gain access to the EU market after Brexit?

In short no. Only if you use a Notified Body like BSI or UKAS for your compliance requirements. As you ‘Self Certify’ your products, at this time, you should not be affected by a no deal Brexit. The below statement is lifted from the above link.

Where manufacturers use the CE marking based on self-declaration this can still be used when exporting goods to the EU